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Geotrace Data Integration Services. Seamless data integration. The essence of Geotrace.
Once your seismic data is conditioned, processed and imaged, what next? Next is where the benefits of our meticulous handling of data become crystal clear. Literally. Utilizing our signature Tigress™ software suite, we have at our command a complete range of advanced analysis technologies. Geotrace specialists help you tie disparate data together and share it freely with everyone involved—from geologists to geophysicists, from petrophysicists to engineers, at every stage of the E&P workflow. In whatever format they’re comfortable using.

Geotrace Data Integration Services is the software services and data management division of Geotrace. We provide these advanced data management services and tightly integrated software interpretation applications so that your experts can make their best decisions.

Our extensive range of E&P services and solutions includes:

Desktops - GeoBrowse. A powerful geographical information system (GIS), GeoBrowse provides a unique approach to dynamic database querying, letting you see and compare data from your distributed databases via an intuitive, single, navigable map view. It displays map data in a consistent, user-defined coordinate system, with projection conversions handled on the fly. The map views and data selections displayed can then be used directly to move data between your applications and to the corporate data stores.

Connections - TIES, The Import & Export System, connects your data. TIES provides a practical and effective data exchange hub for the E&P data enterprise, using standard and proprietary industry links and formats. TIES can rapidly move data between popular industry databases and application stores, such as Tigress, Petrel, Kingdom Suite, OpenWorks and many others.

Analysis - Tigress applications. We provide a comprehensive set of interpretative applications covering the disciplines of geophysics, geology, petrophysics, mapping, petroleum engineering, reservoir simulation and production management. The Tigress application suite is fully integrated with the Tigress database, allowing individuals or teams to successfully model the reservoir, sharing the same data and interpretations throughout the process.

Knowledge - Tigress Database. At the heart of the system is the Tigress Database which provides real-time data retrieval and storage for multiple concurrent users and multiple projects. Versioning, access controls and audit trails ensure the continued quality of data stored, and offer multiple layers of data security. The Tigress applications are fully integrated with the database, allowing interpretation using data from all disciplines to accurately model the reservoir, without the need for data duplication.

Extraordinary teamwork reveals better answers—fast.

Tigress™, the most tightly integrated reservoir interpretation and data management software suite in the world, makes it possible. Continuously developed and refined since 1989, Tigress™ is installed in over 45 countries on six continents, and has gained global recognition in the E&P arena for its well integrated, user-friendly workflow solutions. Our Data Integration Services, coupled with the advanced seismic imaging technology Geotrace has developed, gives our clients the edge they absolutely must have to achieve reservoir optimization.

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