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Reservoir Services - HDHR Seal Capacity/Pore Pressure

Seal CapacityGeotrace provides two types of High Density High Resolution (HDHR) pore pressure solutions for exploration, appraisal and production activities: seal capacity cube (SCC) and pore pressure cube (PPC).

Our seal capacity cube solution is suitable for assessing seal integrity and hydrocarbon accumulation column height focused on prospect evaluation and well location decisions. SCC delivers HDHR 3D volumes of velocity, pore pressure and fracture gradient.

Our pore pressure cube is designed for well planning, mud weight and casing string design, and drill risk management focused on engineering operation and drilling hazard. PPC provides HDHR 3D volumes of velocity, pore pressure, fracture gradient, equivalent mud weights, effective stress, and overburden pressure, as well as a report of the studied well with tables and graphs that shows the pressure gradient with a time/depth-variant estimated uncertainty.

Seal Capacity
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  Seal Capacity / Pore Pressure


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