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Reservoir Services - Resolution Enhancement

Enhanced Resolution

High resolution – we want it because it is better! In our modern daily life, digital cameras have more than ten megapixels and digital televisions have become the reality. They all deliver high definition images. Why should our seismic data be any different, especially when the targets are thinner, smaller, deeper or less visible, all of which call for better resolution?

Geotrace is an industry leader for tying geology, geophysics and the reservoir together with high resolution (HR) data. Recently Geotrace has introduced a new technology named Bandwidth Extension (BE®) that employs the Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) and harmonics theories to reconstruct severely attenuated high and low frequencies. It represents a quantum leap in the field of HR seismic imaging that goes beyond the traditional methods and our previous HFI® which extends only high frequencies. 

With BE®, the subsurface geology becomes sharper in images and richer in information content so one can see small features, thin beds and subtle reservoirs. In addition, when seismic volume attributes such as semblance and curvature are computed from BE®-processed data, the ability to detect faults, fractures and traps is greatly improved. Ultimately, the HR data increases the certainty and potentially shortens the interpretation cycle time. Many oil companies use this technology to recognize false amplitude anomalies caused by tuning effects rather than by pays and reduce drilling risk, or to identify bypass zones in mature fields and reverse the production decline curve. Furthermore, when prestack inversion is applied on BE®-processed data, the lithology and fluids are more accurately predicted than when using conventional bandwidth. In summary, BE® provides operators with a powerful tool not only to see reservoirs and pays, but also reservoir thickness and heterogeneity for simulation and production management. Please read more about each algorithm and view examples with the links on this page.


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