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InversionFracture Description
Cracking the fracture code – fracture is a critical reservoir component for oil and gas production, especially for shale gas, tight sands and carbonate plays. 

Geotrace is an industry leader for reservoir-focused solution tying geology, geophysics and reservoir together with high resolution (HR) data. Geotrace has advanced technologies for reservoir descriptions and facies classification using petrophysics, petroelastic modeling, lithology and fluid sensitivity evaluation, volume attributes, AVO, prestack inversion, pore pressure prediction and simulation.

Geotrace has been providing fracture description services to their clients using land, marine, narrow azimuthal or multiple azimuthal seismic data. With the advent of wide azimuthal acquisition, the company has recently introduced Offset Vector Tile (OVT) technology which is perfect for wide azimuthal data processing (land or marine). The company also introduced FracRes™ services specifically designed for detecting and describing fractures and fracture systems using seismic data from narrow to wide azimuthal data.

FracRes™ services provide advanced technology based on the waveform characteristics of the Azimuthal Amplitude Variation with Offset (AVAZ) that is recorded in the wide azimuthal (WAZ) seismic data. The seismic anisotropy, a fundamental rock property of the fractured rock formations (mainly HTI), encodes itself in the form of azimuthal amplitude variations as a function of offset or incident angle. FracRes™ services take OVT processed and offset-vector-migrated gathers (OVG) and perform AVAZ inversion to extract fracture intensity and fracture orientation for fracture description.

pdfLayer stripping for azimuthal parameter determination in unconventional plays© (presented at EAGE, June 2013)

pdfShale play characteristics and correlation with anisotropic logs - a case study of Eagle Ford Shale in Texas© (presented at EAGE, June 2013)

pdfMulti-dimensional high resolution imaging for accurate interpretation and reservoir characterization© (presented at SEG, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, November 2012)

Wide-azimuth land processing: Fracture detection using offset vector tile technology (The Leading Edge, November 2010)

Fracture Detection with Offset Vector Technology


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