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Reservoir Services - Petrophysical Services

At Geotrace, we’ve developed an extraordinary set of sophisticated tools and technologies that can mean the difference between success and failure. By applying our proprietary suite of petrophysical tools, we’re able to help clients discover the truth about their reservoirs and make better decisions faster by analyzing log and core data for lithology volume, porosity, saturation and permeability at well, reservoir or field level.

Petrophysical Services
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These petrophysical services include:

Digital Log Database

  • Well and digital log cataloging
  • Log editing, conditioning and environmental corrections

Analysis and Interpretation

  • Histograms, cross-plots and cluster analysis
  • Petrophysical parameter calculation
  • Rock and Clay Typing
  • Formation test and fluid contact determination
  • Automatic facies and lithology interpretation
  • Porosity, saturation and permeability evaluation
  • True scale display in hardcopy or digital format


Inversion/Rock & Fluid Properties
Enhanced Resolution
Seal Capacity/Pore Pressure
Reservoir Description
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