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Reservoir Services - Petroelastic Services

Geotrace Reservoir Services applies petroelastic analysis to characterize the seismic responses and/or signatures of various rock and fluid properties in a field or basin.  Petroelastic studies are a practical yet powerful extension of petrophysical analysis and a gateway from geology and petrophysics into the geophysics and seismic expression for the asset team of oil and gas companies. It models the interaction between rock/fluid/pore size/pressures and other properties then translates them into a  seismic response, thus providing explorationist a better understanding of what their seismic section is telling them in terms of rock and fluid properties, particularly for targeted reservoir formations.

The petroelastic services offered are:

  • Digital Log Database
    • Well and digital log cataloging
    • Log editing, conditioning and environmental corrections
  • Petrophysical Analysis
    • Petrophysical parameter calculation
  • Petroelastic Analysis
    • Fluid substitution for gas, oil and water using in situ rock and fluid properties
    • 1D petroelastic modeling for the seismic signatures of rock and fluid properties
      • Synthetic seismograms for well correlation
      • Synthetic CMP gathers for AVO modeling
      • Check shots and well calibration
      • Resolution effect on synthetic seismograms and AVO responses
      • Fluid effect on synthetic seismograms and AVO responses
    • 2D petroelastic modeling
      • Vertical incident ray for 2D stratigraphic model
      • Synthetic 2D responses for zero offset response and stack of AVO model response
    • Sensitivity modeling
      • 1D and 2D model responses of rock and fluid properties
      • Rock property effect on seismic responses: Vp, Vs, density, porosity, thickness, mineral contents, etc.
      • Fluid property effect on seismic responses: fluid type, GOR, saturation, etc.
      • The combination effect of rock and fluid properties on seismic responses

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