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InversionTo find oil and gas in most plays, it is no longer sufficient to interpret from conventional reflectivity seismic. It is vital to know much more about both the rock and fluids before drilling. Geotrace has developed a powerful ROCKIT™ (ROCK-properties Inversion Toolkit) inversion tool box, which includes four inversion tools, ECI (Enhanced Colored Inversion), MaxRes®, RockRes®, and LogRes™, to assist in the interpretation of rock and fluid properties and reservoir characterization for conventional plays in clastics and carbonates, and unconventional plays in shales and tight sands. ECI and MaxRes® are poststack inversion to derive relative acoustic impedance and broadband acoustic impedance respectively. RockRes® and LogRes™ are prestack inversions to extract absolute (log-like) rock and fluid properties. These advanced techniques improve prospect evaluation and reservoir characterization, making it possible to get oil and gas into your pipeline much sooner, and at higher rates.

ECI designs an operator modeling the high frequency component of sonic and density logs and inverts poststack seismic data for relative acoustic impedance. MaxRes® uses logs and calibrated seismic velocity for low frequency component and inverts poststack seismic data for absolute acoustic impedance. Both ECI and MaxRes® offer a fast and cost effective way to identify lithology and fluids for regional study and prospect evaluation.

RockRes® is a data-driven inversion combining a high frequency component from AVO/AVA reflectivity inversion and a low frequency component from logs and calibrated seismic velocity. LogRes™ is a model-based inversion using an initial model from logs and calibrated seismic velocity, perturbing the model, and minimizing the difference between model response and real data constrained by geology. RockRes® is suitable for prospect, reservoir, and overburden evaluation and characterization. LogRes™ focuses on detailed reservoir evaluation and description, especially unit by unit, when each unit of the reservoir section exhibits different rock and fluid characteristics. Both inversions incorporate a rigorous workflow with rock physics, petroelastic evaluation, SNR enhancement, and resolution improvement BE® to invert the amplitude and waveform variation with offset/angle to arrive at estimates of P-wave velocity, shear-wave velocity, density, acoustic impedance, Poisson's ratio, bulk modulus, Lame's modulus and Young's modulus. These provide essential insight into lithology, porosity and fluid content for all kinds of lithology.

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Acoustic Impedance and Gradient Impedance Inversion (AI-GI Inversion)





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