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Engineering ServicesConnecting the dots. That’s our strategy for your success.
Geotrace engineering services help define, develop and manage your reservoir by virtue of our unique ability to bring every piece of the puzzle together—geophysics, geology and petrophysics. Take advantage of our powerful resources at every stage of the development cycle, from exploration evaluation appraisals to development planning, from reservoir evaluation to management.

Geotrace engineering pros can:

  • Prepare studies on reservoir simulation, well-test interpretation, PVT analysis, decline curve analysis, production and pressure analysis, and well-performance optimization
  • Build reserve estimates using international guidelines, and prepare technical presentations
  • Collate, organize and analyze production, reservoir, log, test, and pressure data for development of oil and gas reservoirs
  • Select wells for optimization and evaluate well productivity
  • Provide engineering data management, quality assurance and project building
  • Manage production data, including production reporting and real time updating of well performance indicators and key metrics using our proprietary PUMA system
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