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Reservoir Seismic - Time Lapse

Time LapseOne simple Time Lapse (4D) processing principle: Identify. Remove. Extract.
For more than a decade, Geotrace has been a leading provider of 4D solutions, as well as a major contributor in the development of unique tools for the processing and analysis of time-lapse seismic data. Our philosophy is to exclude all possible data-dependent processes. This deterministic approach ensures a maximized repeatability without compromising the 4D signal. In addition, we’ve developed proprietary statistical cross-matching tools to remove all residual sources of non-repeatability.

pdfHow Small is a Small 4D Signal - A Model Study for 4D Resolution© (Presented at EAGE June, 2009)

pdfTime Lapse Survey Challenges (Hart's E&P, May, 2008)

 The 4D Advantage

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