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Surface Related Multiple Elimination (SRME)

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Surface Related Multiple Elimination (SRME)
SRME is a powerful demultiple tool aimed at removing all the multiple energy derived from the air/water interface, including those energies that techniques such as radon and Tau-P fail to address. Because it  requires no velocity information, we are able to use SRME with onboard processing, and prior to radon demultiple, to help improve preliminary velocity analysis.

Its ability to handle all of the energy generated from the free surface allows us to remove even the most complex diffraction multiples with SRME, and an iterative scheme permits its use in shallow and deep water settings.

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3D Surface Related Multiple Elimination (SRME)
3D SRME is an extension of the 2D algorithm whereby the full 3D multiple pattern is modeled to allow the complex multiple shapes, prevalent around salt bodies and rugose water bottoms, to be more accurately identified and subsequently subtracted.


Geotrace uses serveral different interpolation routines to help generate the dense input grid. Deregularization allows subtraction on raw shot gathers and helps us maintain AVO integrity throughout the process.

pdf2D predictive shallow water demultiple© (presented at SEG, November 2012)

pdfEnhanced shallow water demultiple technology© (presented at SEG, November 2012)

3D Surface Related Multiple Elimination

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