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HDBand™ De-ghosting Marine Seismic Data and Broadband Solutions

Geotrace has developed one of the most versatile and flexible suite of techniques to attack the ghost problem generated from the towing of hydrophone arrays and seismic sources in marine seismic acquisition.  As is well known in the industry, the presence of a ghost creates the appearance of notches in the spectrum, as well as phase distortions, leading to band limited images.

As a leader in High Resolution Image processing and creators of some of the most revolutionary bandwidth extension algorithms in the industry, we understand that the loss of frequencies in any part of the spectrum translates into a loss of resolution.  Geotrace has developed powerful, versatile and flexible solutions, which focus on inverting the source and receiver ghosts, rebalancing the frequency content and removing phase distortions, producing cleaner, sharper and higher resolution seismic data, rich in low frequencies.

The HDBand™ suite of algorithms can accommodate any acquisition type of equipment and shooting geometry (including slant streamer), geology and water depths, E&P objectives, budget, and turnaround time.  HDBand™ compliments our other broadband offerings and can be used in conjunction with any and all modules in our DIAMOND® processing system, including Q compensation and BE® (Bandwidth Extension) technology.


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This example from a shallow water environment compares vintage (third-party, top) and HDBand™ (Geotrace) processing at bottom.

pdfImproved Subsurface Imaging and Interpretability through Broadband Reprocessing of Legacy Seismic Data: Examples from North West Shelf Australia© (presented at ASEG-PESA-AIG 2016, August, 2016)

pdfA 2-Stage Approach to Broadband Processing for Improved Stratigraphic Interpretation in the Sergipe Basin, Brazil© (presented at SBGf, August, 2015)



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