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Pre-stack seismic traces from 3D datasets that are acquired with intersecting source and receiver line geometries may be sorted into “cross-spread” ensembles called hybrid gathers. The traces in these subset 3D cubes of data are separated by the CDP spacing (natural inline and cross-line spacing) of the acquisition design, which is the closest spatial sampling possible for the acquired dataset. It is desirable to sort the data in this manner so that true 3D noise-rejection algorithms may be performed.

Geotrace has developed proprietary software and workflows to apply 3D FK filtering and 3D Radon filtering to attenuate coherent noise and 3D SNIP (Symmetrical Noise Isolation Processing) for random noise rejection in this domain.

By applying such noise-rejection approaches in the hybrid domain, the cross-receiver-line aliasing problem with conventional shot domain approaches is avoided, after which the data may be sorted into any other traditional order for subsequent processing stages.


Hybrid Gathers


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