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Geometry and Refraction Statics

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Geometry definition is fundamental to the success of every seismic processing project. Geotrace performs exhaustive quality-control procedures every step of the way.

At the onset of a project, we examine all imported survey information for completeness. Based on the “recording patch” definitions provided with the field data, we assign source and receiver station location coordinates to the seismic traces for each source record in the survey. We meticulously verify the actual x, y, z locations—particularly source locations—to avoid any of the discrepancies that often occur due to cultural obstacles in the field.

Errors must be identified and corrected or virtually all subsequent processing will suffer. To that end, Geotrace experts identify and edit excessively noisy or bad traces.

First Break
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First Break Picking and Refraction Statics
Statics are always an issue, and they often pose a huge challenge for land datasets. First break picking and refraction analysis, the integral first steps to virtually all onshore seismic processing projects, help determine appropriate statics solutions that will influence all subsequent processing stages. First breaks are also valuable for geometry quality control and correction of misplaced source or receiver stations.

Geotrace uses proprietary as well as industry-leading third-party software for first break conditioning and picking. Once the critical step is completed, refraction analysis may proceed. This is truly a near surface modeling exercise, and the answer is in the breaks.

First Break
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Geotrace employs both Hampson-Russell GLI3D and Renegade Seismic Studio software packages for generalized linear inversion and delay-time refraction solutions, respectively. Challenging datasets often require empirical model perturbations in both approaches to arrive at the optimal solution.

pdfA successful statics methodology for land data (The Leading Edge, February 2009)

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