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Velocity Model Building

The key to an accurate image
Velocity model building presents one of the most daunting challenges in exploration geophysics today. Geotrace has developed a unique and ingenious suite of technologies, including leading-edge Multi-Scale Tomography (MuST) capable of producing high- resolution, stable velocity models. We also have all the necessary software tools to update, edit and manipulate complex 3D velocity models, including top and base salt.

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Depth and Interval Velocity Analysis (DIVA)
Geotrace has developed DIVA, another one of our proprietary technologies, to provide the industry’s most proficient velocity model building tool, as well as to help identify depth error picks and update depth velocity models.

Depth and Interval Velocity Analysis (DIVA)
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DIVA provides the front-end graphical user interface to our Multi-Scale Tomographic Inversion (MuST) algorithm.


Multi-Scale Tomography (MuST)
Multi-Scale Tomography (MuST) is a velocity updating methodology that uses a multi-grid representation of the earth. The velocity model is described as the superposition of several grids of different sizes, representing different dominant scales in the earth. No longer are you restricted to “single cell size ” models. The result is a stable, high-resolution velocity model, with special considerations having been taken to account for the full azimuthal coverage necessary for land and wide-azimuth processing.

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Our MuST technique takes the depth errors extracted from the common image gathers generated during the pre-stack depth migration and inverts—simultaneously for all scales—for a better velocity model.



pdf Case Study: Depth-Velocity Model Building Using Multi-Scale Tomography - Part 1©

pdfCase Study: Depth-Velocity Model Building Using Multi-Scale Tomography - Part 2©

 Multiscale Simultaneous Tomography (MuST)


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