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Seismic Imaging - Depth

The other keys to an accurate depth image.
The first key to seismic imaging in depth is to build a good velocity model which is described in Velocity Model Building. Once an accurate velocity model is established, the next most important factor to have an accurate depth image is to use proper migration algorithms and workflows. Geotrace has different prestack depth migration algorithms including Kirchhoff, Wave Equation, Steep Dip Wave Equation, BEAM, and Reverse Time Migration for different imaging needs in different basins with various degrees of geological complexity, depositional impact, and tectonic movements. In addition, a proper migration algorithm also needs to be amplitude preserving and consider the impact of topography, acquisition parameters, near surface conditions, subsurface dip, anisotropy, and wave propagation. The third element for a successful depth imaging is to have the proper workflow that combines accurate velocity model building and migration algorithms. A proper workflow ensures the best final image quality and reduces the drilling risk.

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