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Multi-Dimensional Interpolation Techniques: POCS

POCS: Multi-Deimensional Projection Onto a Convex Set* (licensed from BP) is a high dimensional interpolation that exploits the FFT algorithm to improve the wide azimuth coverage and fold of your data prior to PSTM/PSDM.

Wavelet Transform Filter (WTF)

• 3D wide azimuth Interpolation with special options for Land and Marine
• Based on the well known technique of Projecting Onto a Convex Set
• Data needs Regularization, described below



POCS Timeslice before and after POCS. In yellow we have highlighted areas that contained no data before the application of POCS.
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pdfApplication of POCS interpolation to exploration© (presented at SEG, October 2010)

 Projection Onto a Convex Set (POCS)

*Abma & Kabir (Geophysics 2006)

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