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Reservoir Services

This is where your reservoir comes to life.
The ability to understand the properties and predict the future behavior of your reservoir is not a matter of curiosity, but of necessity. Considering the new potential of older territory is imperative, as is the desire to recover every last drop of pay. Around the globe, we’re helping clients discover the truth about their reservoirs and make better decisions faster. Seamless data integration and enhanced data management provide the crucial backbone. Our expertise makes it work wonders.

Start with great images. Another Geotrace specialty.
Whether the environment is land, marine or transition zone, our team takes special care to condition and process all seismic data with the reservoir in mind. Our tools are proprietary; our high-resolution results are proven. Having the best possible imagery to analyze puts you way ahead of the game from the start.

Question everything. That’s the secret.
Reservoir optimization is what’s it all about, whatever your uncertainty: Do you understand the rock properties? Are these compartments linked? Have you missed bypassed pay? The beauty of Geotrace Reservoir Services lies in our ability to connect the dots between seismic data, well logs, cores, petrophysical data and more.

Keep everyone on the same page. Always.
The possibilities are virtually endless with data integration of this magnitude. Static reservoir models become living models that help provide vital decision-making answers to questions about structural traps, stratigraphy, lithology, fluids, seals and more. These living models bring together disparate data at earlier stages and in complex ways. As models evolve, better decisions are made.

Reservoir Services


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