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Reservoir Seismic

Reservoir optimization is the goal.
Seismic processing is where it all begins. Handled properly, seismic processing leads to imaging that makes it possible to crack the code of the reservoir in new and extraordinary ways, and sets the stage for true data integration at every phase of your workflow. This is what sets Geotrace apart from the pack. Considering our clients’ proven success all over the world—we promise you this: When you get the reservoir seismic right, everything else gets a lot more interesting.

Global experience means we’ve seen it all.
Over the years, the Geotrace reservoir seismic pros have tackled a wide assortment of real-world challenges, including land, marine, time lapse and depth seismic processing. We maintain processing facilities on five continents, anchored by regional super centers in Houston, London and Kuala Lumpur. We’ve processed thousands of square km worldwide. We’ve merged more legacy surveys, both land and marine, than anyone in the industry.

You’ve got questions. We find the answers.
Many clients come to us with new data to process. But more and more, they come to us for reprocessing services, as word spreads about the revelations our techniques are making around the globe. Are multiples obscuring your primaries? Are statics hiding your prospect’s potential? Is there more to discover by going deeper? Would merging surveys give you a better picture? With your objectives and our tools, we can help you make sense of your prospect like never before, or design a survey to better illuminate your objective from the start.

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