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Technical Flyers

Reservoir Services
pdfAcoustic Impedance-Gradient Impedance Inversion (AI-GI Inversion)
pdfAdvanced Gather Conditioning
pdfBandwidth Extension (BE®)
pdfBE® Imaging
pdfConnect the Dots! (Tigress)
pdfGeotrace Data Integration Services
pdfHDHR Seal Capacity / Pore Pressure
pdfLogResTM - Optimal Reservoir Characterization
pdfOrthorhombic Migration - Imaging Fractured Reservoirs
pdfReservoir Services

Reservoir Seismic
pdf3D Surface Related Multiple Elimination
pdfThe 4D Advantage
pdfAcquisition Dependent Amplitude Correction for Imaging (ADA)
pdfAcquisition Footprint Removal
pdfFracture Detection with Offset Vector Technology
pdfHigh Resolution Site Survey Processing
pdfHybrid Gathers
pdfINT5D Regularization and Interpolation
pdfMulti-Scale Simultaneous Tomography (MuST)
pdfOrthorhombic Migration - Imaging Fractured Reservoirs
pdfProjection Onto a Convex Set (POCS)
pdfRay Traced Anisotropic PSTM
pdfSNIP5D Multi-Dimensional Noise Elimination
pdfTime Frequency Domain Noise Rejection (TFD)
pdfTrue Depth....Finally!
pdfWavelet Transform Filter (WTF)