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March 2015
Applicability of ultra-high-resolution 3D seismic data for geohazard identification at mid-slope depths in the Gulf of Mexico: Initial results

Underwater Technology

Preliminary results from data collected along mid-slope depths in the northern Gulf of Mexico are very promising in regard to the applicability of short offset, ultra-high-resolution, three-dimensional (UHR3D) seismic methods in the detection and delineation of geohazards. Penetration of greater than 2s two-way travel time (TWT) below seabed was achieved with a P-Cable™ system comprising 18 streamers that were 100m in length and a 210in3 Generator-Injector (GI) air gun fired in harmonic mode. Dips in excess of 17° were imaged at greater than 1sTWT below the sea floor. Between the sea floor and 1s TWT below the sea floor, the dominant frequency recovered is between about 78Hz and 100Hz. Apparent subsurface horizontal resolution is in the order of 16m, and subsurface vertical resolution is as high as 1.6m. Seafloor resolution is consistent with the natural bin size of 3.125 x 6.25m.

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