Geotrace Technologies, Inc.

Geotrace Challenge

Geotrace, an industry leader in reservoir solutions, is now offering a complimentary prospect and reservoir de-risking study at most major conventions.  These challenges are a way for Geotrace to say "Thank You" to our clients and to promote some of our product lines.

The selected entries must meet the requirements necessary to conduct a technically sound study. The suitability of datasets may change depending on the challenge.  If no entrant meets the requirements, no winner will be selected.

We work very hard to ensure that the winners are selected strictly on the basis of their merit. The judges are highly experienced industry professionals throughout our company. There is no cost to enter, but it should be noted that Geotrace will be granted the show rights for these studies.

Please visit our website often to learn more about upcoming challenges and how to enter.  Contact your local sales representative (London, Houston, Dallas, South America) for further information.

EAGE 2012 Challenge - FREE Prospect and Reservoir De-risking Study